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Last night I couldn’t sleep and 1 thought hit me which was : I am not just A person but I am a lot of things to other people and unfortunately I forget about it a lot.

For example :

I am a daughter of 3 lovely people (Yes 3)

I am a sister to 12 sipplings (Yes 12)

I am an aunt to so far 12 wonderful kids (yes 12)

I am a girlfriend to loving men (kidding) a loving man

A godmother to the cutest girl

A friend to great and loyal friends

A cousin to God knows how many

A blogger who has a good network on wordpress.com

and the list can be continued

But what I am trying to say here is that I should be more grateful and appreciate the people around me, so this post is a reminder to myself : Be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL ¬†for the people in my life and for all “the roles” I get to play in their lives!

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