“You will never lose the sense of passion of what you love to do”

I just saw an interview with Rita Wilson who was on the Ellen Show. She is in her fifties and had recently made her debut as a singer.

I found a few things during her interview which are quite inspiring!

She talked about that there is no reason to be limited by anything and that she asks people what is the one thing that they loved as a kid, because life can sidetrack you, with “my parents want me to study this” and I have to get this job because of this and that” However you will never lose the sense of passion of what you love to do. And I think what she means is that people should remember to live out their passions.

Maybe some people will say “remember that not everything is possible and that you have to be realistic too” to what Rita Wilson had to say, but isn’t possible that some people are being way too realistic???

Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂

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What looks best!

Today I got a call from my dad. He told me to act like this and that as people will think best of me if I did so. I notice that the older I get the more difficult it is for me to suppress this sensational irritating feeling inside me, but no matter what I always end up with saying “Yes dad”

So I have given it some thoughts about how this has effected me as a grown up…

Well… this has most certainly made me think of others before I act on something, like if I do this and that how will it look to other people. So is this a good or bad habit?

For me it has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of a “good” reputation and a curse because “I” comes in second.

If you put yourself in second place long enough you will get frustrated! And I think that the frustrations finally got to me during last year. Living a life based on “what looks best”, is most certainly not fulfilling.

So what if people think that I am not that “great”, “polite”, “successful” or “clever”! What is the worse case of that?



Once again I would like to share a post regarding success.

I saw above picture which was posted on a friend’s facebook page, and it really does make sense to me.

I tend to be impatient. I want to start on something and the next step shall be reaching the goal. How ever, I often forget that Rome was not built in a day, and building it was not without obstacles. If we think like picture number 1 we will be very surprised when an obstacle is paying us a visit, worse case, we might even give up, if more than 1 obstacle is hitting us.

So again (a note to myself) like in the “Success(ful)” post, remember the small steps! Be patient and try to stay positive and focus on the goal!

I found these quotes which I would like to share with you guys :

Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.  ~Joe Paterno

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.  ~Winston Churchil

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A short post inspired by the “Golden Girls”

Continuing with my Golden Girls mode..

In an episode regarding parenting, Dorothy Zbornak, played by Beatrice Arthur said : “Don’t do what is easiest but do what is best for the kids “, and this phrase has made a great impact on me. But not as in parenting, but in life generally.

We often choose the easiest decision/solution in life, like continuing with what we are doing instead of making a change and break out of the routine, and the easiest solution is often also with less risks. But does this mean that it is the best for us?

Think about it for a while…

To end this short post I would like to share a quote by Isaac A. Morales

“A life without risk is a life not lived”

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Living out dreams vs comfort zone

The other day I got a bit nostalgic by watching an episode of “The Golden Girls” and the episode was about the girls and their milestone birthdays. Sophia Petrillo played by Estelle Getty made a flashback to her 50th birthday and she remembered that day as horrible, because she found out that there was a mistake in her birth certificate so instead of turning 48 she was turning 50. She was depressed because she thought that she had 2 years left of dreaming of becoming a ballerina before her 50th birthday. This scene inspired me to write this post.

I know many people including myself who often say : “When I turn 20, 25, 30, etc I would like to be doing this and that …” But the fact is many of us do not live out the dreams and instead we stay in the dreams, mentally. I think a good explanation on an obstacle for living out our dreams, is our comfort zone. The comfort zone gives you safety and you know what you have but you don’t know what you will get, is a terrifying factor. But if you choose to stay in your comfort zone, you will missed out on important experiences and chances to actually achieving your dreams in life.

So therefore please remember (also a note to myself) :

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” Paul Valery

D’yer wanna be a spaceman !

The other day, I was looking at my older brother, and thinking of how he once wanted to work with making movies. I remember, when he was a teenager he often made music videos based on songs by Michael Jackson and they were combined with different scenes from movies and somehow he could manage to cut out the scenes so they fitted perfectly with the music and timing. I was amazed that he was that talented!

However, as many people he grew up and worked on a career within a field which had nothing to do with his childhood dream.

And same case with me, the rest of my siblings and with 80 – 90 % of my friends. I am NOT saying that people who have a job which has nothing to do with their dreams are unhappy or that it is not OK, but I was just wondering, why are there so few people who dare to follow their dreams.

Maybe because of reality, or the fact that we were TOLD to be realistic about career choices and life in general ??

I discussed this matter with one of my old friends, and a few days later he sent me a link to an old Oasis song and I was asked to pay attention to the lyrics :

D’yer wanna be a spaceman by Oasis :

I haven’t seen your face ’round since I was a kid
You’re bringing back those memories of the things that we did
You’re hangin ’round and climbing trees pretending to fly
D’Yer wanna be a spaceman and live in the sky

You got how many bills to pay and how many kids
And you forgot about the things that we did
The town where we’re living has made you a man
And all of your dreams are washed away in the sand

Well it’s alright
It’s alright
Who are you and me to say
What’s wrong and what’s right
Do you still feel like me
We sit down here and we shall see
We can talk and find common ground
And we can just forget about feeling down
We can just forget about life in this town

It’s funny how your dreams change as you’re growing old
You don’t wanna be no spaceman, you just want the gold
All the dream stealers are lying in wait
But if you wanna be a spaceman
It’s still not too late




I like to daydream, do you like to daydream? When you are daydreaming, what is it about?

I daydreamed about  being successful, I CRAVED for SUCCESS in career!

And so I had spent a lot of time thinking of the word SUCCESS !

I looked it up under wikipedia and it said :

  • a level of social status
  • achievement of a goal
  • the opposite of failure
Thinking of these 3 phrases..It made me realize that my FEAR of failing is making me crave for being successful. But again who wants to start on something and fail on it, right? If i fail on what I am doing, that gives people a reason so say : HA ! And that thought had terrified me in a very long time.
HOW EVER how about the journey towards your goal(s), Anna asked me once.
Well, our conclusion is, trying to reach the goal is actually already a step towards success. It is no doubt a lot better than not taking actions and being left with : I should have done that / how would my life be if I….
Also it is important to think of the things you have learned during the journey !
This blog for me is about inspiring people and even though I haven’t got thousands of readers, the few people who say that I have inspired them, simply make me think: YES!! And also what I have learned is that by writing, it gives me a better insight on my own life.
I bought a book by Patti Digh called “Creative is a Verb” and in this book I found a lot of quotes which inspire me to write and being creative.
This one I would like to share with you guys and hope that it will inspire you to take a step.
” Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside us” Oliver Wendell Holmes.


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