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Bad Sandy!

Dearest readers/ followers,

Once again I would like to apologize for my absence / lack of posts due to some big changes in my life, how ever I will be writing more about this in my next post.

I would like to focus this post on Sandy and the devastations she has caused in the US.

When I heard about Sandy  earlier this week I got worried about my friends in New York, so I wrote them an email and luckily they were all OK. Later on this week I saw on Facebook that my US friends were volunteering either on food distribution, cleaning parks, streets and even donating their salary to help the needy, which is so admirable !

And to be honest, I can’t stop thinking about how it would be if I had postponed my New York journey to this time at this year …

I truly hope that the people who are effected by Sandy will be feeling better soonest possible and that they can get back on their feet!


Take good care of each other !




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I was enjoying my Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and turned on the TV and saw this commercial for a humanitarian organization, which leads me to writing this post about C.H.A.R.I.T.Y.

During my childhood my dad often told my siblings and I the importance of charity and the fact that if you are able to give anything to people in need, you should do that. I couldn’t agree more with my dad and that’s why I have been supporting Unicef and Folkekirkens Noedhjaelp with a monthly contribution and these 2 organizations have done so much good work for people in need. But there are of course lots of other organizations that do really great work like Amnesty, WFP, WSPA and etc.

But lately I have been supporting the Danish homeless people by buying their news paper “Hus Forbi” by giving dkk 20,- (around USD 3,50) for each. I really love this project “Hus Forbi” and it started back in 1996 in Copenhagen and this gives the homeless people the opportunity to earn their own money by selling the news papers. You give DKK 20 for 1 news paper and DKK 8 goes to the sales man of it and the rest DKK 12 goes to the production, administration and distribution of the news papers.

And the great thing about Denmark is that your contributions to charity can be deducted in taxes, which means you can get some of the contributions back in your pocket.

With this post about charity I just want to tell people that the less fortunate people and also animals out there need our help. So please do not choose to look away on this matter and if you can help out by giving a small contribution or in any other way can help out, please do so.

Happy Sunday!




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