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I was all about the ears

Growing up in an Asian family comes with funny superstitions and beliefs on so many things.

I was told that people with big earlobes will get a great life and people with small earlobes are less fortunate. Maybe it comes from how Buddha’s ears were shaped..

How ever even though this sounds a bit weird, I actually carried this theory with me in so years until I started looking at people and their lives..

I discovered that there are NO connections between the earlobe theory and people’s happiness.

I saw that some people with big earlobes are unhappy with their lives and some with small earlobes are happy. I noticed another important thing with the people who were unhappy, they do not act on their unwanted situation and their attitude towards life is less positive.

So I realized 2 great things!

1) the happiness of your life is not a predetermined fate or it is not based on if some of your body parts are shaped in a lucky special way.  The true matter is that you have to take actions and work for it, if you want to achieve “the happy life”.

2 )  Even it sometimes can be difficult, try to keep a positive approach towards life !

I know that this post started off a bit strange but I truly hope that the message is well received at your end 🙂

Take care every one.





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This is me

Since I started this blog some of my friends told me that it would be a great idea to post some pictures of me “Confused Di”. I hesitated for a while because of the anonymous part and I didn’t know if putting my face out there will be a good or bad thing.

But after some “thinking time” I decided to do it and last week I went on a small photo shoot. The following photos were shot by the talented Mads Jeppesen whom I had mentioned in my earlier post.

So to my dearest followers, this is me!

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