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I love Yogi Tea (2) Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have !


D’yer wanna be a spaceman !

The other day, I was looking at my older brother, and thinking of how he once wanted to work with making movies. I remember, when he was a teenager he often made music videos based on songs by Michael Jackson and they were combined with different scenes from movies and somehow he could manage to cut out the scenes so they fitted perfectly with the music and timing. I was amazed that he was that talented!

However, as many people he grew up and worked on a career within a field which had nothing to do with his childhood dream.

And same case with me, the rest of my siblings and with 80 – 90 % of my friends. I am NOT saying that people who have a job which has nothing to do with their dreams are unhappy or that it is not OK, but I was just wondering, why are there so few people who dare to follow their dreams.

Maybe because of reality, or the fact that we were TOLD to be realistic about career choices and life in general ??

I discussed this matter with one of my old friends, and a few days later he sent me a link to an old Oasis song and I was asked to pay attention to the lyrics :

D’yer wanna be a spaceman by Oasis :

I haven’t seen your face ’round since I was a kid
You’re bringing back those memories of the things that we did
You’re hangin ’round and climbing trees pretending to fly
D’Yer wanna be a spaceman and live in the sky

You got how many bills to pay and how many kids
And you forgot about the things that we did
The town where we’re living has made you a man
And all of your dreams are washed away in the sand

Well it’s alright
It’s alright
Who are you and me to say
What’s wrong and what’s right
Do you still feel like me
We sit down here and we shall see
We can talk and find common ground
And we can just forget about feeling down
We can just forget about life in this town

It’s funny how your dreams change as you’re growing old
You don’t wanna be no spaceman, you just want the gold
All the dream stealers are lying in wait
But if you wanna be a spaceman
It’s still not too late