Monthly Archives: November 2011

Possible vs impossible !

The next sessions with Anna were really interesting, among many topics, we talked about my priorities in the wanted career.

I listed purpose as one of them combined with creativity and working independently. I told Anna that I had thought about writing but I had never really written before. I mentioned that I thought it was unrealistic/impossible because I had lack of experience in writing and also that it would be very difficult to make a living out of it, especially taking Denmark into consideration.

Anna says that it’s all about focusing on the possible and not always thinking of the impossible. Who says that it is impossible? It might not be easy but it is definitely  not impossible.

She suggested me to start a blog, and I was exited about the idea as I already had a concept  for the blog but at the same I was met by some hesitation, because what will people in DK think when they find out that I have made a blog?